Great Books That Will Help You Ace Technology

A Book About How Google Works.

Looking for a good read in technology?

Electronic gadgets can offer you endless possibilities. But sometimes, we need to rely on the good old books to learn about the gadgets themselves. With technology evolving in leaps and bounds, there is no dearth for books.

Books give first-hand experience and insight into the world of technology. This gives rise to the inevitable question: Why read about technology from books, when you can use the former to gain all the information?

Books about technology are usually authored by men and women who have set benchmarks in the same field. These books talk about the numerous successes and failures, sacrifices, etc. They reveal how these achievers pushed boundaries and defied setbacks to attain their goals. Hence, these books are incredibly insightful and inspiring. AND most achievers are voracious readers.

Take Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg, for example. Both of them have an insatiable appetite for books.

In this article, we list out some of the best technology books to read to know the latest trends, predictions, and skills in the tech world.

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3 Books That Talk About Tech Trends

How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Johnathan Rosenburg

Who better to write about Google than its own executives Eric Schmidt and Johnathan Rosenburg? The book touches various aspects like business history, corporate strategies to develop management philosophies, etc. The book is touted to be a must-read for all employers and employees alike.

Best features:

  • It is absolutely THE book for employers as it gives insightful aspects about how to manage employees and getting the best from them.
  • It also speaks about the unbeatable work procedure of Google.
  • Another interesting aspect in the book is about the HIPPOs. Or Highly Paid Person’s Opinion. To know more about this, you should read the book.

The Upstarts by Brad Stone

In his book, the author, Brad Stone talks about Uber and Airbnb, the two startup giants that have become household names. The Upstarts is most suitable for those aspiring entrepreneurs who have unlimited drive and self-confidence. This book is high on the list of many young people because it is relevant to the changing trends of the tech world.

Best features:

  • The stories of the rise of Uber and Airbnb are accurately mentioned for anyone who is looking to derive inspiration from their compelling details.
  • Informative, fast-paced and easily readable.

From Zero To One - Tech Book By Peter Thiel.

Zero To One by Peter Thiel

Written by the legendary entrepreneur and Peter Thiel, this book is all about learning to think for oneself if you are to become a leader in the tech world. The author insists that one cannot repeat what’s already been done in the tech world. The book is all about creating something new, thus taking us from 0 to 1 instead of repeating what’s already been achieved that only takes us from 1 to n.

Best features:

  • Highly recommended for its thought-provoking take on investing in the tech world.
  • Gives entrepreneurs a new perspective that will inspire them to go for new and untried paths in business.
  • The book is optimistic and intriguing and enlightening.

2 Most Inspiring Tech Books

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

The author, Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook whose fantastic TEDtalk about career women has been viewed over six million times. In “Lean In”, Sandberg talks about how and why women must take on challenges and risks and pursue their goals without fear. The book is punctuated with personal anecdotes, in-depth research and hard data that make it all the more interesting.

Best features:

  • Women entrepreneurs, in particular, will find it helpful for practical advice on various aspects like negotiation techniques, mentorship, etc.
  • Sandberg’s personal experiences are enriching aspects of the book that let’s many women relate to their own experiences at the workplace.

A Book Of Bold By Peter H.Diamondis & Steven Kotler.

BOLD: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler

Written in 3 brilliant parts, BOLD is one of the best technology books to read. It is a powerful guide about using technology, tools and one’s thinking capacity to positively impact billions of lives. The first part of BOLD focuses on the use of exponential technologies like AI, robotics, 3D printing, etc to go from a startup to a billion -dollar company.

The second part is more about drawing inspiration from the likes of Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Elon Musk. The final part talks about “best Practices” in the tech world and community building.

Best Features:

  • BOLD is a great read for entrepreneurs and for anyone who wants to make it big in the tech world.
  • It is an inspirational kickstarter that covers all the technologies that will be necessary to drive progress.
  • The book is a practical guide on managing a community, crowdfunding, and crowdsourcing.

Buy, read and be inspired by these books and get your entrepreneurial spirit going!

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