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Know the importance of technology design books

Design and technology books offer practical solutions to issues through imaginative thinking. The readers can utilize various techniques, skills, materials, and tools to design, explore and develop systems and products that cater to human requirements. By functioning in the stimulated contexts, they can involve in the constant course of personal growth, explore to utilize the latest technologies and can indulge in the development of the future.

Features of technology design books

Technology design books play an important part in students. It helps them to master the courses and higher education. One of the best features of technology design books is they can practically use skills and knowledge gained from other subjects. Several other subjects also fund the exploration of technology and design and this, in turn, influences the mode we survive our lives.

Another excellent feature of technology design books is that they use and integrate the knowledge of the student in the expansion of design briefs, thereby the knowledge and interests of the students on other subjects will be combined to solve design issues. The main focus will be on the study and understanding of the natural environment and manmade world. It is also important for students to learn how technology affects the growth of science and our lives. Technology books allow the students to appreciate the stability between the disadvantages and advantages of growth in technology to society.

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Famous design and technology books

Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Adorable

A black swan is a highly improbable incident with three main characteristics. It has a massive impact, it is unpredictable and we can create a clarification that makes it more predictable and appear less random than it was. The book covers everything about our universe from the growth of religions to occasions of our personal lives. According to the author, humans remain hardwired to explore specifics when they have to focus on overviews. We focus on things that we are aware of and thus, we fail to understand what we do not know. It is how we remain unable to analyze opportunities and become vulnerable to the instinct to narrate, simplify, categorize and unable to appreciate those who imagine the impossible.

Taleb explains how we dupe ourselves by thinking that we are aware of more than what we do. It is because we control our thinking to inconsequential and irrelevant when large events take place, it surprises and shapes our world. In this book, Taleb also explains things that we do not know. He shares surprisingly simple methods for treating black swans and ways to benefit from them. In simple terms, this is an elegant book that transforms the way you view the world.

Taleb has an excellent command over subjects varying from business to cognitive science to probability theory. He is an entertaining writer with unusual stories, irreverence, and wit to share.

Sprint By jake Knapp

Jake Knapp, Brad Kowitz, and John Zeratsky’s Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

Google ventures three design partners- Jake Knapp, Brad Kowitz, and John Zeratsky have presented this unique book useful for solving tough issues using prototyping, design and evaluating ideas with customers. Google ventures try to answer several questions daily like- how will your ideas be in real life? What is the best place to concentrate your effort? How many discussions and meetings are needed to have an answer to a problem? Investors and business owners wish their organizations and employees who cater to them to be armed to answer such questions in a quick time. Here is the way to answer all these questions for sure. Fire method to test solutions and clarify all their issues- the sprint.

When Jake Knapp was functioning at Google, he developed an extraordinary problem-solving tool that comes with a design sprint. It is an excellent five-day procedure that assists businesses to solve several critical questions. Knapp’s Sprints were utilized on everything from Chrome to Google Search to Google X. As he transferred to Google Ventures, John Zeratsky and Brad Kowitz partnered with Jake Knapp and worked on various products such as Gmail and YouTube. They ran more than one hundred sprints with their partner companies. The best part is they have seen directly how the sprints face challenges in all types of companies like retailers, finance, fitness, healthcare and more.

A sprint is a perfect book for groups of any type or size from non-profits to teachers, from Fortune 100s to small startups. It is useful for any individual with a big idea, problem or opportunity and looking for quick answers. This book is worth its price. If you are looking to start a new business or trying to launch something new and wondering whether it would work out, you need to make use of this guide.

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