Books – Let Them Do The Trick

Benefits Of Reading

Reading is one of the most popular hobbies a lot of us have. This easy and affordable hobby comes with a good load of benefits. It is essential that your child develop a liking for this hobby so they get all the benefits of reading which is important in their learning process. Gaining knowledge, improving language, communication, interaction are a few main benefits of reading. It also inspires them to imagine a whole new world and expand their horizon of thinking capabilities.

What To Read For Young Kids?

You need to be selective when it comes to introducing kids to the world of books. The book should complement their learning. Parents must take care to include different genres of books so kids listen with interest as the book is read aloud. Each genre will encourage a different set of conversations. It will give them a chance to speak their thoughts aloud and we can gauge their knowledge level. Non-fiction informational books on animals, vehicles, food, sports are topics kids will be easily drawn to. These are subjects a child is already familiar with as they see things in their surroundings.

Alphabet and counting books will introduce them to the world of education. They will start recognizing alphabets and numbers. Books themed on fruits, vegetables, flowers, oceans, birds, animals and more can make it very interesting as they start with languages and math. Rhymes are another easy way to learn languages. They have pictures and repetitive words which can be learnt easily in a sing, song natural way all kids are familiar with. Story books on fables and folktales create imagination. It helps kids to understand the cultural context and moral associated with each story which will imbibe good habits.

How Else Can Books Help Kids?

Creative and colorful books capture kids’ attention immediately. Reading books aloud to kids creates a warm bond between the kid and adult as it initiates a lot of conversation and togetherness. Reading books develops critical thinking skills. It is one thing where nobody can actually tell you to think this way or that way. You form your own opinion and thoughts about the context that will help you think critically. Books let them understand the world before they get out. It prepares them for the next stage step by step. More importantly, it helps them differentiate between good, bad and evil.

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