Top 10 must-read computer technology books

A Collection Of Computer Technology Books.

Interestingly, computers cover a wide range of subjects, and there are thousands of computer technology books available today. Be it about computer programming, networking, web designing, or certification programming, here is a list of best of all the subjects. It is up to you to decide what interests you or what would you like to learn about the computers

Best computer technology books

Programming books

There are umpteen programming languages and every other day a new one crops up. Whatever the technology, there are hundreds of programming books available in the market. If you want to learn programming, language O’ Reilly programming language books would be the right choice. The following are some of the fantastic general programming books that deal with the design and pattern concepts.

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

“Design patterns,” is a catalogue of simple solutions for typical design problems in objects oriented software. The book has a collection of 23 patterns that can assist any designer in developing elegant and flexible reusable designs. These solutions save the designers from rediscovering solutions themselves. Every pattern described in the book is inspired by real-world examples. The patterns are also demonstrated using C++ and Smalltalk codes for easy understanding.

Introduction of algorithms

The book by Thomas Cormen is an advanced programming book that contains many multithreaded algorithms, Veb trees, edge-based flow, dynamic programming, and other algorithms that you may face while coding. The book is easy to understand as the algorithms are elaborated in English along with pseudo codes that can be read by anyone.

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Computer security and ethical hacking

Cybersecurity is becoming a crucial part of a secure digital environment. Protecting the users from cybercriminals, hackers, and swindlers have become the need of the hour as we hear about multitudes of online fraud cases daily. Hence, understanding cybersecurity and ethical hacking are imperative to building a secured network. Here are a few excellent computer technology books that teach you everything about network security.

Hacking exposed

Hacking exposed is a fantastic book that takes you through almost all safety-related topics. To provide a complete security solution, one needs to understand the mind and methods of a hacker. The book exactly does the same. It is a fantastic countermeasure cookbook that elaborates on different ways to minimize the threats, secure all database and web applications, secure UNIX networks, and protect the entire system from hacks.

Web design

Web design technology is becoming an important part of modern technology for its user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal. You would never want to revisit a website that has zero style or colours. Below given is a fantastic book that covers all the HTML and CSS basics for web design

HTML & CSS Book For Design & Build Websites

HTML and CSS: Design and build websites

Jon Duckett’s book caters to the design interests of web designers who need to know about a little coding to fix their websites or the blogger who wants to create a new look for his site in a thoroughly approachable and easy way. This computer technology book presents the book accessible to any audience with equal zeal and ease. The infographics and photographs enthuse and engage the readers, providing them with a beautiful reading experience.

A + certification books

If you are preparing for The A + plus certification, find out the right book that can guide you to the correct information. Following is a fantastic book that covers all the topics like installation, maintenance, customization, and operation of PCs that can enhance your competency levels.

Troubleshooting, maintaining and repairing PCs

Bigelow’s book is an excellent guide for all those aspiring to clear their entry-level A+ certification. It consists of all important aspects of PCs that includes power supply issues, error codes, conflicts, virus aftermath, and many other troubleshooting topics. 2000 PC problems along with their solutions mentioned in the book will be the best resource for anyone preparing for the CST and A+ certification exam. The CD-ROM available with the book is an added advantage.

The elements of a computing system: Building a modern computer from first principles

The book by Noam Nisan and Shimon Schocken takes the students gradually through the construction as well as the working of a computer, which includes both the hardware and software hierarchies. The book is a classic example of how the entire computer system can be explained in an integrated way without losing clarity. The book, through its 12 chapters and a project helps the students to understand the entire architecture from scratch.

The books mentioned above are the ones that cater to modern technology. Many computer books that are considered some of the greatest are still excellent reads. Some of the computer technology books: DOS for Dummies, C Programming language and The soul of a new machine are a few classic examples.

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