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How Useful Are Science Story Books?

Science may or may not be interesting based on the interests of the student. A child can develop interest in science from early stages of the learning process. A teacher or parent can help a child develop an interest in science through stories. Children love to listen to stories. It ignites their curiosity and engages them. Stories help them learn and increase focus so the concept will be etched in mind for life long. Stories can be simple ones but each one of them can provide great context for learning concepts in science.

There are several books released by renowned publishers that aim at teaching science through stories. These science story books come with resources that include tips and hints teaching science with the help of story books. Stories are captivating and can teach a child from dinosaurs to the formation of the universe in simple language. It will help students gather facts quickly and understand the underlying concept. The natural tendency of exploring things they don’t know will aid a child in gaining knowledge through colorful storybooks. Science story books not just help kids with their school work rather the books are meant to inspire so they can demonstrate good science skills.

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Science Story Books For Every Age

Science story books are of three categories, which are, Subject-focused, Encyclopaedias and Science Experiments. It is important that you select the right category of book that is age appropriate. A university level book cannot be given to a child. You should select a book that matches the reading level of your child. Kids mostly understand pictures more than the words. Colorful books with appropriate illustrations help gain a child’s attention. Select books with pages less than 100 for kids aged between 5 and 10.

Kids love topics like animals, plants, evolution, space and universe, human body, inventions, technology, time, math and electricity. A few science story books categorized by age group are discussed here.

  • 5 to 7 years: Handa’s Surprise, Jack And The Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Once There Were Giants, One Year With Kipper, My First Book Of Garden Birds, Tadpole’s Promise, The Gruffalo, The Three Little Pigs.
  • 7 to 9 years: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Horrid Henry Rocks, The Firework Makers Daughter, The Iron Man, The Little Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business, The Pebble In My Pocket, The Story Of Frog Belly Rat Bone, The Vanishing Rainforest, Wolves.
  • 9 to 11 years: Beetle Boy, Charlotte’s Web, Pig Heart Boy, George’s Secret Key To The Universe, Goodnight Mr Tom, Itch, Kensuke’s Kingdom, One Smart Fish, The Tin Snail.

These story books cover several science topics that range from the need of animals, living things, plants and animals. They get to understand about the habitat and the surroundings. Children will learn to observe the changes in the environment during the different seasons. Identify and name the different birds, insects, animals and plants. Introduce kids to these interesting array of books that will help them develop a lot of interest in science.

A Place For Zero - Book About Science Stories.

Different Science Story Books For Kids

Science story books should be child friendly and must fascinate them to explore and learn more. Books are the best way to help children gain interest in learning science. There are hundreds of best science story books that will help children learn the most fascinating and wild topics. A few books are discussed here.

  • Amazing Giant Sea Creatures: The book helps you dive into the deep sea and explore the different creatures in it.
  • A Place For Zero: A fun book that explores the place of zero among other numbers.
  • Bang: Illustrates the beautiful story of evolution starting from big bang theory.
  • Bedtime Math: A book that makes learning math fun and cool as desserts.
  • Big Book Of Why: A book that explains beautifully all the whys pertaining to humans, environment, technology, animals, nature and space.
  • Dinosaur: You get to know fun facts about amphibians, sea creatures, fossils, woolly mammoths, insects and dinosaurs.
  • Egg: A book that teaches how animals reproduce, protect, find food sources and the basic life cycle of the animal world.
  • Everything Kids Experiments: The book explains science experiments with simple things that you can gather around your home.
  • Frontiers Of Space: You get to know everything about our galaxy, planet, universe and solar system through processor astro cat.
  • How Does The Wind Blow: Learn all the mystery behind the invisible wind, devastating tornadoes and the intensity behind it.
  • I Am Albert Einstein: It is a fun and lively biography about the inspiring scientist.
  • Infinity And Me: The book explains the concept of infinity in a way a child can understand.
  • My First Human Body: The book will help you learn how a body works.
  • Robots, Robots, Everywhere: The book explains the science of robots from the ones used in space and that used in home.

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