Best science books for kids

A Book Called Science You Can Eat By Stefan Gates.

Are you looking for some fabulous science books for kids? We have shared a list of books on technology, astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry and every other branch of science you can dream of in this blog. They serve as excellent gifts and are also perfect curriculum companions.

Latest science books for kids

1. Age 7 to 9 years – Science you can eat

It is a flavorful and fun adventure book covering the science of food. Written by Stefan Gates, it boosts your science brain and delights your taste buds. It also covers the smelliest fruit in the world along with color-changing cabbage, glowing drinks, and sticky gum science. The book covers certain classroom conversations and lessons.

2. Age 5 to 7 years- Science is magic

Steve Mould’s Science is Magic consists of several science experiments that almost look like magic. In simple words, it is a fun project with numerous simple projects. Surely, young students could enjoy impressing their friends by performing these experiments.

3. Age 7 to 9 years- Ask a Scientist

How volcano eruptions are caused? Can plants feel? Why do some people itch? Ask a Scientist consists of more than one hundred questions asked by kids all over the world. Professional Robert Wilson has answered all their questions in an understandable and simple manner. It is a wonderful and weird question and answer book which is an eye-opening venture.

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4. Age 5 to 7 years- Crafty Science

Science and do it yourself combine in the form of this creative book for kids. Explore the concept of buoyancy by constructing a plastic bottle ferry and develop a whirling snowstorm in a container to learn gravity.

5. Age 9 to 11 years- Outdoor Maker Lab

Learning can happen at any place and it does not occur only under the roof. With Outdoor Maker Lab, create exciting science projects outdoors. It is an excellent science project book. It teaches you about several things with interactive experiments like giant bubbles, a latitude locator, a water rocket and more.

6. Age 9 to 11 years- Science Lab

This brilliant book is an excellent introduction to science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM). It is an action-packed book that covers step by step tasks for young scientists. Through this book, kids can recognize how to create a wind turbine, wind-up car, a geodesic dome, a suspension bridge and more.

Science Books For Kids Concept.

7. Age 5 to 7 years- Women in Science

It is an inspiring book that shares information about women and their scientific discoveries that changed the world. This book is completely packed with facts about great scientists such as Marie Curie, Hypatia, etc. It is an excellent mate to the STEM curriculum.

8. Age 7 to 9 years- How to be an engineer?

Inquisitive kids will enjoy this excellent science project book. Written by Carol Vorderman, How to be an Engineer motivates young engineers to learn about everyday extraordinary science. Explore jet propulsion with balloons and create a robot arm using rulers, while at the same time learn how to think similar to an engineer.

9. Age 9 to 11 years- Knowledge Encyclopedia Science

Discover jaw-dropping information about the natural world through this excellent science book. Young readers will be thrilled to know about extraordinary images when they learn about magnetism, molecules, tectonic plates, storm clouds and more.

10. Age 7 to 9 years- The Bacteria Book

This book is a favorite among reluctant readers. It is a silly and fun guide with plenty of knowledge. Written by Steve Mould, it makes you go ‘aw’ with every page you turn.

11. Age 9 to 11 years- Robot

Explore the most advanced robotics technology with the book – Robot. It is an eye-opening book that shares information about future machines. It includes advanced AI (artificial intelligence), surgeon robots, and bionic ants. Adults and kids will be impressed to no end.

12. Age 7 to 9 years- All About Virtual Reality

If you are wondering how virtual reality works, then this book is your perfect companion. It lets you recognize virtual reality technology as well as explore the International Space Station just from their seat. It consists of a VR viewer which the kids can create at home and also stickers and apps.

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