Books Every Human Resources Professional Must Read: A List Of Human Resources Books

Books for Human Resources Professionals to Read

We decided to include both popular novels and study books in our collection. All the books we include in our collection are recommended by the experts of HRApp, a prominent employee time tracking software company. These books can help you gain a solid understanding of Human Resources Management.

The most recent HR books will give a solid overview of the most important subjects in human resource management. These books will be a valuable resource for developing employee time tracking software.

Reading is a great pastime for professionals. the more things change, it seems that the more things remain the same. Because reading is peaceful and not easily distracting, it is important in today’s fast-paced world of constant data bombardment.

You can absorb a lot of information by taking the time to put aside the world and putting your heart and soul into writing. This includes ideas, beliefs, history, philosophies and technological advances. This pandemic has changed the entire HR working system; hence, these books will help explore remote employee monitoring tools and their benefits.

Gary Dessler’s Human Resources Management is a reference book of 700 pages on human resources. It is one of the most popular books on human resources. The most recent edition was the 15th, published in 2016. In its 18 chapters, the book covers all aspects of human resources. The book provides a step-by-step explanation of basic human resource concepts. The five components of human resource management are recruitment, talent management, placement, training and development and pay.

Human Resources from the Outside In Human Resources (Dave Ulrich and Jon Younger), Wayne Brockbank, Mike Ulrich (2006) Ulrich and his co authors offer information about the essential skills required of modern human resource professionals in this book for HR professionals. This book covers a wide range of subjects. The document states that an HR practitioner should be a credible advocate, advocating for both employees and the company. This book is a comprehensive resource for human resources experts.

The HR SCORECARD INCLUDES BRIAN BECKER and MARK HUSELID. Despite being the oldest on the list, this book is the most timeless. Becker and his colleagues explain how the HR Scorecard measures performance, strategy, people, and other factors.

Human resource management is not a science. Human resources are not naturally equipped to coordinate human resource operations with corporate strategy or assess the impact on the workforce. When done properly, however, it allows HRs to quantify their impact and evaluate the success of their work.

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It is easier to communicate with the company in the same language by quantifying the activities and results of human resources. Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and attaining acceptable returns on investment (ROI) are important. It will be easier for trust to be established when human resources can quantify certain operations.

Victory Through Organization – Dave Ulrich and David Kryscynski. Wayne Brockbank. Mike Ulrich. This book provides a deeper and more comprehensive analysis of human resource functions. More than 30,000 HR professionals completed an HR competence survey, including business executives and associates. This provided the basis for research and writing the book. This book covers everything an HR professional needs to know to maximize HR’s contribution to their organization. The book will be valuable for workers and human resource professionals, investors and company owners, community members, and line managers. It is undoubtedly one of the best books that a human resource professional can have despite tedious work.

Martin Edwards and Kirsten Edwards are the authors of Predictive Human Resource Analytics. Mastering the Human Resource Metric (Predictive Human Resource Analytics. Mastering the Human Resource Metric). This book is required reading for courses in HR analytics. The book provides examples and data that help to understand the analytics and metrics of the human resource sector, including employee attitudes and turnover. The book is a great introduction to human resource management.

KIRSWAYNE CASCIO, JOHN BOUDREAU – INVESTING in People: THE FINANCIAL IMPACT of HUMAN RESOURCE TITIATIVES KIRSWAYNE CASCIO & JOHN BOUDREAU – Investing In People: THE FINANCIAL IMPACT Of HUMAN RESOURCE INITIATIVES. Cascio and Boudreau adopt a data-driven and highly organized approach when dealing with common human resource issues. This 2008 publication is the first to be published. It provides a deep dive into strategic human resources assessment.

The first chapter is called “Making Human Resource Measurement Strategic,” and the second is “Analytical Foundations of Human Resource Measurement.” These chapters include the well-known “Wall of Boudreau”, which is the barrier organizations must overcome to move from operational reporting to analytics-based decisions making.

The book is as technical as one would expect, but it is understandable by laypeople. After explaining the theoretical foundations of solid measurement of human resources, it will present various case examples. These questions include those related to absenteeism, staff turnover and employee well-being. Each of these issues is examined in detail using a systematic approach. The reader also can calculate the cost of interventions and assess their impact. Read more.

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