The Very Much Recommended Books For Every Businessperson

The Very Much Recommended Books For Every Businessperson

Operating a successful business is not as easy as we think. It has ups and downs we can’t even imagine. Yet when you see entrepreneurs who have made it, it seems so straightforward. Their ability to charm people, proactiveness and quality of thinking ahead and differently from the herd are just some of the characteristics that make the business appear simple. The question is how do they achieve it? What is the ingrained value that give an effortless patina to their business?

The answer lies with books – books written on the topic of business – books that can assist any man or woman in their quest to up their game and be a disrupter.

We asked the trade maverick, Mr. Xavier at, leading POS Software business, which books helped him profitably run the business for years.

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Books that Every Entrepreneur and Businessperson Should Read

How to Win Friends and Influence People - For Business Persons and Entreprenaurs1. How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book is common to the shelf of every business owner. Written by Dale Carnegie, it is akin to the holy grail. It is not a must-read but a mandatory-read for any person who wishes to learn how to create relationships and nurture them for a lifetime. The best-selling book is the reason Carnegie was able to build an empire, and it gives excellent advice on:

  • How to fashion popularity points in the network that you already have
  • How to get those points with new people and expand your network

2. 4 Hour Work Week

Written by Tim Ferris, the book is marketed as the reading material for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs, but it is so much more. Tim is the guy who made lifestyle design mainstream and all that he learned; he includes in the book. What makes it a great read is that the scope is not limited to small start-ups or online businesses. The 4HWW also

  • opens the door to:
  • Outsourcing
  • Sticking to the 80/20 rule
  • Automating processes (by top-executives and amateurs)Image of Purple Cow - Books For Business People

3. Purple Cow

A marketing marvel, Seth Godin, explains in the book how creating a product that is entirely different from those offered in the market can launch a business. The book is an insight on not taking the easy path of making and selling a ‘me-too’ product. Seth explains that, in the long run, marketing a new product becomes more comfortable because the strategy for it is built during the product development phase, not separately.

An extra bit of reading, if you’ve got time leftover, is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The premise of the book “thoughts can create your reality” seems far-fetched, but by the end of the last chapter, it becomes crystal clear that it is indeed possible!

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