Best Technology Development Books To Read in 2020

The Age Of AI By Jason Thacker

It is well known that the tech industry is changing from the initial technologies being advanced to change the forthcoming work to robotics coursing into every sector. If you belong to the tech world, it is always recommended to get firsthand knowledge and experience by reading all the latest technology development books. We have shared some of the latest and best technology books you should read in 2020.

Best technology books to read in 2020

1. The Age of AI- Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity

The publisher of the book- Jason Thacker assists us to navigate the present digital age through this book. It is a thoughtful assessment of the ethical, moral, and social challenges of the present connections with artificial intelligence. We have been interacting with AI or artificial intelligence every minute of the day. AI is everywhere like our Facebook and Twitter social media feeds, online carts, Google Home, Alexa, and smart thermostats. In this age of Artificial Intelligence, Jason explains how Christian truth changes how we use artificial intelligence to love our neighbor and God better. Moreover, the author explains how AI exists and affects our relationships, us individually, and our humanity at large. How are smartphones disturbing my kids? Are robots doing my job? You may have several questions about AI. The author gives answers to all your doubts and queries.

2. Lurking- How a person becomes a user

A clear and brief background of the internet has been shared through this book. In a short time, the internet has attracted millions of individuals around the world, torn us separately, and changed the way we connect. In other words, the internet has developed an unprecedented new cultural space we are now a part of. The author digs deep and determines the main issues of people online like visibility, anonymity, community, identity, privacy, safety, and searching.

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3. User Friendly- How the Hidden Rules of Design are Changing the Way We Live, Work and Play

In this book, the authors- Robert Fabricant and Cliff Kuang explains the unknown story of a prototype that silently rules modern lives. It unpacks the methods where the world has remained and continues to remain and remade as per the principles of the doubtful discipline of user skill design.

4. Behind the Screen- Content Moderation in the Shadows of Social Media

It is an award-winning book that provides the first extensive ethnographic research of the saleable content moderation study. This clear investigation about the individuals who are behind the screen providing information about the commercial internet’s reality and also the prospect of globalized employment in the digital environment.

5. Cybersecurity for Beginners

It consists of three books in a single package like what you must know about cybersecurity, how to defend against hackers and malware, and how to get a job in cybersecurity. If you are a starter and interested to enter into the cybersecurity world, this is the best book to read. The book consists of a lot of interesting and informative topics that you should be aware of as a cyber-security professional.

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6. Digital transformation – Survive and thrive in an era of mass extinction

In this book, the author has explained how the combination of four technologies- the internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, and elastic data computing is transforming and how government and business will function in the twenty-first century.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business

If you are interested to learn about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, this is the perfect book to read. You can learn how they are transforming marketing, business, health care, and life. Artificial Intelligence technology can also be applied to business. AI has become very common and most people do not know that AI has already been in their lives. Businesses are using AI in several forms like marketing, product pricing, and predictive analytics.

8. AI for People and Business

If you are a manager, executive, or any person interested in integrating AI in your business, this book serves as a perfect guide. In this book, you can learn what Artificial Intelligence is, how to execute or develop a fruitful AI strategy and vision, and how to identify opportunities.

9. 7 Rules to Influence Behaviour and Win at Cyber Security Awareness

Most people think that this book is reserved for cybersecurity professionals but it has been written in a simple language and remains best for all people. No matter, you have cybersecurity knowledge or experience, you can easily read this book and make use of this information. It helps in understanding and communicating the concepts better. It offers a jargon-free, clear action plan and information to begin your security awareness efforts.

Other interesting technology development books include Digital – The New Code of Wealth, Race After Technology, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now, The Spatial Web, Tools and Weapons, etc.

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