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Enticing Your Knowledge With Books

There’s something very special with books about space. These books are usually huge and beautifully illustrated. Besides that, there are crystal clear photographs of the various exciting things that most of us will never get to see in person.

There is an endless list of science books about space that allow us to see things from the perspective of great space explorers and pioneers. Authored by great scientists, astronauts and iconic authors, space books hold secrets that reveal something new and exciting about the universe and beyond.

This compilation gives a brief insight into 5 of the best books about space that we thought would make your collection all the more precious. Or they could also make for very valuable gifts for friends who are enthralled by space.

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2 Books That Connect You With Space Through Fiction


Written by Daniel Suarez, the book starts with the unpredictable billionaire Nathan Joyce recruiting a team comprising a highly skilled diver, retired astronauts, BASE jumpers, former soldiers and mountain climbers. The entire team is recruited to mine an asteroid, Ryugu, which in real-life is being explored by Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft.

The incredibly tough journey takes the team through a gauntlet of survival challenges which makes them realize the harsh realities of being in space.

Why we recommend Delta-V: Daniel Suarez is brilliant in his detailing of real life-like situations that make up a big part of the book. He has also carefully used the accurate science and space information. The story also has potential for a sequel or follow-up.

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson

If you are fascinated by space colonization – the concept of humans colonizing and occupying distant planets, then Aurora is definitely for you. Aurora, in the book, is a starship launched in the year 2545. Surprisingly, the protagonist of the book is Aurora itself, with the narration being told in the perspective of the starship.

Why we recommend Aurora: The author keeps the readers engrossed as the story unfolds to shed light on the fragility of life aboard the ship as it hurtles through space. The book is wonderfully descriptive, thought- provoking and deep.

Dr Space Junk Vs The Universe By Alice Gorman.

2 Amazing Non-Fiction Books On Space

Dr. Space Junk VS The Universe by Alice Gorman

Dr. Space Junk is no one else, but Alice Gorman herself. In this book, Alice brings forth the million dollar question: What happens to the objects that are floating around in space, thanks to us humans?
Dr. Gorman also gives the reader valuable insight into the relatively new field of space archaeology.

Why we recommend DR. Space Junk Vs The Universe: Dr. Gorman reveals interesting facts like the Aboriginal songs on the Voyager’s Golden Records, the size of a spacecraft and the perspective of the future of space. She starts each chapter with poems that are all penned by women.

Finding Our Place In The Universe by Helene Courtois

The author, Helene Courtois is a French astrophysicist, who was a part of a team that discovered and named Laniakea, the galactic supercluster where the Milky Way is found. The book is both engaging and adventurous as it reveals the quest and journey of the team that was involved in making one of the most important discoveries in astrophysics.

Why we recommend Finding Our Place In the Universe: Helene Courtois puts the spotlight on the contributions of other female astrophysicists while talking about her own journey. It is fast-paced and takes the reader along on the incredible journey of finding our galaxy’s home.

The above mentioned 4 books are some of the best science books about space to be read in 2020. Pick your choice from fiction or nonfiction and get going! Happy Reading!

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