Types of Genres in Literature Books

Types of Genres in Literature Books

There are different types of genres of books that are based on a specific niche and subject. Literature is a broad category of books that are loved by people of all ages. It is also included in the curriculum of universities of colleges.

Various genres belong to literature type of books. There are both fiction and non-fiction type of genres in the literature books category.

Some of the Popular Genres of Literature Books.

Narrative: This is a non-fiction genre of literature books which excitingly narrates a story.

Essay: This is a collection of literary writings that are written on a particular topic and reflects the idea of a writer. These essays are mostly in prose and speculative and interpretive form.

Biography/Autobiography: Biography genre deals with a life history of an individual written by the person itself. Autobiography is writing about the life history of other people.

Drama: These are literature compositions which are depicted dramatically. The genre is written in the form of dialogues, verse, prose, etc. It is usually used for theatrical performance where emotions are expressed.

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Poetry: This is a unique genre where it includes rhythmic verses. It evokes the emotional response of the reader. It is the imagery skills of the writer who is poetic in expressing his/her emotions. Reading this genre creates pleasure and imaginative thoughts for the reader.

Fantasy: This genre includes various supernatural events that do not exist in the real world. It includes various fairy tales and spins stories based on magical events. It is the pure reflection of the imagination and creativity of the author. It takes the readers to a different world.

Humor: It is an entertaining genre which is loved by people of all ages. It offers excitement to the readers by entertaining them with humorous content. It helps to relive the readers from their stress.

Fables: These are short stories that include characters of animals and supernatural people. These mainly talks about life’s value. These are tales where animals speak like humans and narrate specific thoughts.

Science Fiction: This genre is based on scientific facts, but it is purely imaginative and takes the readers to a different world of the future. It talks about planets, the life of aliens, etc.

Horror: This genre frightens the readers and excites the reader with thrilling stories.

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