A step-by-step guide to becoming an author

It is a challenging task to write a book. But once you write one, it would be a rewarding thing. We say it is challenging as it involves serious determination, hard work, and patience to finish a book. When it comes to writing a book, each writer has their way of writing practices. Some will create a rough draft of numerous pages while others will be deliberate to put every word to paper. For beginners, some blogs offer tips.

Step-by-Step Guide To Becoming An Author.

Choose a genre: First, pick a genre that interests you. This is an important step, and you shouldn’t choose based on what sells best but what interests you to read. Basically, you should write for yourself and not the readers. It is said by Stephen King, a renowned author that you should write a story as if you are telling it to yourself.

Start from the end: The hardest part of writing a story is getting the endings. Usually, beginners will start with a strong note but struggle to end it the right way. So, you should make sure to start from the end. The reason is that the ending stays with the reads for longer than the other parts. Before you begin penning the story, decide how the story should end.

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Create characters: Characters are the soul of the story, and they stay with the readers even if the story or the plot is forgotten. Some popular characters that stay in our minds are Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, etc. Also, it is important to write a character biography.

Frame an outline: Now, start plotting the outline. It will serve as a rough guideline that will hold the plot. It can be improved as you write the story. It should give an overview of what happens in the various chapters.

Pen the first draft: You will discover the story as you write the first draft. You will find the plots and characters developing in directions that you did not think of before.

Rewrite the draft: This is a phase when most writers fail. It is easy to create a rough draft, but you should take ample time to rewrite the draft. You can effectively write one by asking yourself pertinent questions that will make your writing creative, sensible and crisp. This rewrite will take you a longer time than the draft.

Edit: After the rewrite, you should edit the copy by using a lot of descriptive words. Once your copy is edited, your first book is ready to be published.

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