Overview Of Different Genres Of Books

Overview Of Different Genres Of Books

People read books as a hobby or as a favorite pass time. Individuals like to read books of various genre. Genre is nothing but the category or niche of the book. There are various types of books, and it depends on the individual personal interest in choosing the right genre of books. The following are some of the different genres of books.

Fiction And Non-Fiction

These are the main two categories of books under which various genres of books belong. Fiction types of books are creative narrations that include things that do happen in real life. These books are the reflection of the imagination and creativity of the author. Fiction based books are not written upon certain facts. Some of the examples of fiction books are Harry Potter by J.K Rowling, The Alchemist by Paul Coelho, etc.

These category books are written based on specific facts and factual data. These books are written based on the real-life experience of people. Some of the examples of non-fiction books are Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin and How To Win Friends and Influence, People by Dale Carnegie. There are semi-fiction books under which several genres of books belong.

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Genres Under Fiction Category

The following are some of the book genres that belong to the fiction category.

Fantasy: This genre mainly includes supernatural and magical events narrated with creativity. Some of the fantasy books are Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc
Fable: This is a book genre which includes certain mythological stories and features personified animal and plants. In fables, every creature’s posses the ability to speak.
Action: This is a genre which features the events that take place in the outside course of one’s life. It involves a lot of action and adventure sequences.
Classic: These are influential books that are popular in a particular period of time. They are taught in schools as part of their curriculum.
Comic: It is a genre where a story is depicted with handwritten pictures. The story is narrated with less text.
Drama: This is a popular genre where the story or prose is narrated for theatrical performance. It is narrated as dialogues.

Genres Under Non-Fiction Category

The following are some of the type of books that fall under the non- fiction book category.

Biography/Autobiography: This is a popular book genre where a person writes about his life history or life history of others.

Essay: This genre book includes views of people under a specific topic.
Self-Book: This genre includes books that influence people and helps to solve their real-life problems.

The above are some of the popular book genres available.

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