Walla Walla Suite

Walla Walla Suite
by Anne Argula
(Ballentine, trade paperback, $12.95)
The name of the book intrigued me so I was glad to receive an email from Anne telling me more about the book.

My first mystery was nominated for an Edgar for best paperback original of 2005. An ordinary foot cop and his partner stumble upon a cold case which he comes to recognize as his own murder in a previous life. Homicide My Own (Pleasure Boat Studio, trade paperback, $16)

(Homicide My Own)
The new book, which follows Quinn, the female partner and the narrator of the first book, is Walla Walla Suite(A Room with No View) and it was in bookstores starting in September from Ballantine.

When a young secretary from her office building goes missing, Quinn is hired by the girl’s boss to find her. It turns into what looks like an open and shut murder case, but Quinn’s investigation takes her into the dangerous dark corners of the human psyche, where no one is innocent.

“Walla Walla Suite surprised me, in a way that few books do, sticking in my brain like a melancholic song that I can’t forget, don’t want to forget. Quinn is an original, a word I don’t use lightly.” — Laura Lippman

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