Firefly Island

Firefly Island
by Daniel Arenson
(Five Star, hardcover, $25.95)
Daniel Arenson’s new fantasy book is getting some excellent reviews. Daniel had this to say when I asked him for information about the book:

Firefly Island is a new epic fantasy novel by Daniel Arenson.

A cruel king, his flesh made of stone, tyrannizes the enchanted Firefly Island. No sword or arrow can harm him. Aeolia, a servant girl, can magically share feelings and senses – even pain. Only she, by hurting herself, can hurt the mad monarch. But can she save the island from his grasp?

Booklist recently reviewed the novel, saying it “is filled with interesting details and cultures”. They added that Daniel Arenson “is an author to watch”. One reviewer at said, “this is the most excited I have ever been about a science fiction / fantasy novel.”

“I wrote Firefly Island while living in Israel,” Daniel said when asked about his book’s release. “It began as a distraction during wartime, and I’m obviously delighted that the book found a top-notch publisher like Thomson Gale. The response so far has been very encouraging. I’ve always loved fantasy literature, and I wrote the kind of book that I’d like to read – a fantasy novel that’s not only filled with action and adventure, but also with a lot of emotion and heart. I hope readers enjoy reading Firefly Island as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.”

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