Reading is the best way to open up your brain and imagination different new worlds. Books come in different genres ranging from self-help, fiction, memoirs, nonfiction and so on. You can pick out any book and walk straight into a whole new world. Aliens And Alibis is an independent book shop that specialized in fantasy, science fiction and mystery genre.

The staff at Aliens and Alibis is well versed in the fantasy and mystery genre. They are ready to help you find any books that you are looking for. Interestingly, we also hold book club meetings once every month. This gives a chance for fellow book lovers to meet and chat about their favourite books and authors. If you are looking for other book readers, drop in at Aliens and Alibis on the second Saturday of any month at 2pm.

Aliens and Alibi also invite authors for special reading sessions. These activities help get more readers to connect with the books ad these interesting genres. Our commitment to bringing you the best in the world of books at affordable prices has helped us create a steady customer base that has stayed loyal over the years. Our website also has a catalogue of our socked books, giving you a chance to order books from the comfort of your home. The secure online payment option will keep all your transactions safe and secure. So hip out your credit card and indulge in a few new books this month.

Aliens and Alibis have recently started a new program in an attempt to introduce books to kids at a young age. We have volunteers who hold storytelling sessions every weekend for eager eyed kids. Reading is a habit that needs to be nurtured from a young age to ensure that they take it up on their own as they grow up. So if you are up for some volunteering work, drop by and we can work something out.

Since we are the largest independent bookstore in the area, we have plenty of customers who have been coming to our store for plenty of years.  Our personal touch is our USP. With a comfortable ambience, you can pull out one of your favourite books and lean back on a bean bag and get lost in fantasy world at Aliens and Alibis. Visit us today, and get ready to lose yourself in a fabulous book.

Every season who hold fantastic discount deals that are often the talk of the town. So if you are on a low budget, sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know the dates of our special sale. So get ready to stock up on books without spending a bucket load of cash.